Mal Foley Series

Chicago private investigator Malachy P. Foley was once a lawyer, but lost his license when he kept his word... by keeping his mouth shut. His license was suspended by the Illinois Supreme Court and, since he'll have to "demonstrate remorse for his misconduct" before he gets his license back, he may never practice law again.

Mal has a mentor of sorts, "the Lady," an older woman who runs shelters for abused women and is something of a mystic.

coverFixed in His Folly (St. Martin's, 1995)

Fixed in His Folly: A Malachy Foley Mystery

Edgar Nominee: Best First Mystery, 1995

Harriet "Happy" Mallory, a successful attorney, decides it's time to find the son she gave up for adoption 30 years ago. When private investigator Malachy Foley locates the son—now Father Kevin Cunningham—he finds an alcoholic whose already fragile emotional state is being shaken by a number of vicious attacks on people close to him. Is someone is trying to drive Father Cunningham over the edge? Does it have something to do with Happy Mallory?

"A tangled, moody debut... a solid, sordid job of work." (4/95)
"[Walker's] debut showed unusual range and reach." (9/96)
Kirkus Reviews

"A good, solid mystery... a fine piece of writing."
Drood Review

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coverHalf the Truth (St. Martin's, 1996)

Half the Truth

"Foley is hired by the sister of Jason Cooper, a talented college basketball player who's gone missing. Jason's coach doesn't know where he is; neither does a local crime boss on whom Foley often relies for information. It seems that Jason is on the run. But from whom? And why are people associated with him coming to untimely ends?... [Walker's] prose is lively, and Foley, with a mouth as quick as his hands, has some interesting edges... a twisty plot [with] genuine wit."
Publishers Weekly

"Wonderful characters abound in this deftly-plotted tale."
The Armchair Detective

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coverApplaud the Hollow Ghost (St. Martin's, 1998)

Applaud the Hollow Ghost

"PI Mal Foley is urged by his patron, whom he has nicknamed 'the Lady,' to look into a case of child molestation. Foley remembers the accused, Lambert Fleming, from 20 years earlier on a basketball court when Lammy had been humiliated by his peers and had appealed to Foley for help. To make up for turning his back then, Foley agrees to help him now. The investigation goes from bad to worse as Foley discovers the little girl is linked to a powerful crime family... Walker sets questions of morality in a believable context."
Publishers Weekly

"Mr. Walker has given us a real gem here. The plotting is well worked out, Foley is interestingly complex, and the secondary characters enrich the book like well-chosen herbs in a thick broth."
Washington Times

"This third Mal Foley case is a solid effort distinguished by the realistically portrayed relationship that develops between Foley and [his client]. ...A very satisfying read."

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coverNo Show of Remorse (St. Martin's, 2002)

No Show of Remorse

"When Malachy Foley defied the Illinois Supreme Court by refusing to disclose what Marlon Shades told him about the shootout at Lonnie Bright's that left one cop dead and two injured, Foley knew it would cost his law license. He didn't expect it to cost his life. But now that he's applied for reinstatement [to the Bar], his life is exactly what's being threatened... Walker is at the top of his form here, weaving his puzzle skillfully into a jolting tale of loyalty and betrayal."
—Kirkus Revews (starred review)

"A solid read."
Publishers Weekly

"One of 2002's Top 5 Books"
—Gary Warren Niebuhr, Mystery News

"Walker has a gift for atmosphere—his Chicago, encompassing downtown with the University of Chicago on the south and Northwestern University to the north, is vividly rendered without being painted solely in 'private eye noir.' He also has a gift for action that takes sudden, startling, but eminently credible turns."

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