Saving Paulo

Saving Paulo

saving pauloIn Saving Paulo, three people—a young man going nowhere, a young woman with everything, and a self-proclaimed "seer"—are drawn together in a struggle to save a strange, silent little boy from murderous kidnappers.

"Taking a break from his two crime series, David J. Walker sticks to the genre in the very entertaining stand-alone Saving Paulo... Walker's writing will keep the reader glued, even if the last act seems a bit of a stretch with some of the actions taken. But the characters are so well-drawn, you won't mind."
—Bruce Grossman,

"Saving Paulo is that rare genre novel, a complex thriller with a compassionate heart. David J. Walker never neglects the elements that make us love novels of suspense, but his eye is also finely tuned to those nuances of human nature that allow us to care deeply about the characters he creates. This is a twisting, turning story about a group of misfits who do their best to rescue a boy worth saving, and Walker had me rooting for them every step of the way."
—William Kent Krueger, New York Times Bestselling Author

"This is Edgar nominee Walker's first stand-alone thriller. Readers should be hooked from the first scene... What follows is a plunge into a protracted chase scene... through a wonderfully sustained suspense story."
—Connie Fletcher, Booklist

"I LOVED this book. I couldn't put it down... literally. Walker's writing is strong and intense. His story was filled with suspense but not over dramatic. Revolving around a highly flawed main character and set in Chicago, among other locales, this book is a stand-alone thriller, but it has spurred me on to read all of the other book Walker has written, series or not. The relationship between the boy and the main character is highly believable. It never gets too sappy or mushy. And the ending is strong. I was hoping against hope that Walker wouldn't ruin the ending as many authors do by taking the 'Hollywood' way out. But, the ending is as strong as the first pages... A GREAT thriller!"
—Cecilia Cygnar, Skokie Public Library ("Books We Love: Staff Book Reviews")

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